Thursday, July 4, 2019

Egg Sitting

A few days ago Room Five did egg sitting it was for Keeping Ourselves Safe.
My egg's name is Eggheadella. I made a little home for it. I used some cotton balls I also made a bed for it with a flannel and an easter egg container. Now that my egg was safe it was time to make it some books and food. We had to make our eggs stay alive for four days and my egg stayed alive for four days which meant 
I won. I had so much fun looking after my egg.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


last week we made dumplings with room three.
Inside the dumplings, there is red bean paste.
Miss li came in with two friends.
One of her friends showed us music videos about the dumplings 
her other friend was making the dumplings. After we watched the video it was time to flatten the dough and put the red bean paste inside the dough then we sat down on the mat and miss li taught us a little bit more of mandarin while one of the miss li's friend friends was boiling the dumplings. Finally, the dumplings were ready and we all ate them.   

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


In Room 5 we have learning goals.
we have maths goals, reading goals and writing goals.
 For my maths goals, I need to learn my 7 x tables.
For reading, I have to read 5 chapter books
and for writing, I need to use vocab words that stand out.
When we finish our goal we take it off and write a new one and I have a growth mindset so one day I will complete my goals and all the other goals that I set.

being in room 8 for the day.

Today I was in room 8. I was sitting with Allessandra, Justin and my friend Sophie.
We got to do do, Reading, Writing, maths, R.E and growth mindset.
reading we completed our assignments and when we finished all of our assignments we went on epic.
For writing, we went on no red ink to make sure that we finished all of our quizzes
we had to have 11 blog posts finished if we hadn't finished we had to finish them.
For Maths we did khan academy and finished all of our assignments.
after that, we got to do prodigy.
for R.E we did an st joseph brochure.
And finally my favorite mindfulness coloring.

I had a wonderful day in room 8.   

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

my hedgehog poster

This week we made animal posters. we got to make a poster about any animal we picked.
I picked hedgehogs.
this is some of the things my poster says.
hedgehogs eat worms, snails, slugs, insects and even cat food if you try feeding it to them.
some people think that all hedgehogs are slow but really only the sick hedgehogs are slow.
hedgehogs are not a type of porkypine because they do not shoot out spikes.
hedgehogs roll into a ball for protection and porkypine shoots outs spikes.
I think hedgehogs are so cute and interesting.
one thing that I do not get is that hedgehogs are a type of pest in New Zealand.
did you know that in some countries wild hedgehogs are a type of pet?

Friday, March 15, 2019

Sun smart

On Friday we learnt about being sun smart . we made posters about

being sun smart these are some of the things that the poster says 
on it . Aply sun screen every two hours ,sun smart ,slip on a 
tee-shirt slop on some sun screen slap on a hat wrap on some sun 
glasses and slide into the shade . That's called being sun smart. 

Friday, March 8, 2019

Ash Wednesday

The other day it was Ash Wednesday.  
In the morning the whole school 
went to mass. At mass we sang lots of songs then we got the ashes on our forehead. At first it was very wet. Then it was time to get the bread and the wine.
After that we sang a couple of songs. It was time to go and the cross on my forehead had finally dried. Also I wanted to try and keep the ashes on my forehead.